koko videos final

Dare to Care // spoken word

Written and performed by Meg Cannon
Co-directed by Meg Cannon and James Chapman
Director of Photography : Sam Allam
In collaboration with The Paisley Productions

RESILIENT – a film about mental health

Bokiya’s story

What an inspiration Bokiya is!
Please help to get her story of bravery shared.

Lost // me

Lost // someone

Lost // family

The story of the knots and tangles…

The story of the face at the window.


We’ve been hearing from girls all around the UK, and here’s what they had to say…

‘Fine lines’ – Spoken word

I’ll be a success when I’ve made a difference
To those I meet along the way,
And I’ll be a success when I am kind
With the words that I give away.

koko explores: self-harm

What actually is self-harm? Can you recover from it? How can you support someone who is self-harming?

Inspiring stories of hope and perseverance in our new film ‘koko explores: self-harm’

The story of the wrong direction…

The story of the door in his face.

I’ve got your back

Wooohooo!! koko is 1 today!


Take a moment to stop this Christmas, and consider.

‘The story of Catherine’s advice…’

‘Come and find me.’

I represent a teenage girl. My question is do you know what I’m facing?

-A few of you have been asking about the monologue I performed at YWS14 so I thought I’d post it here.
I hope it challenges and inspires you x

We cannot be defined.

I see you.

A poem for National Poetry day 2014.

The story of the coffee machine…

The story of the coffee machine…

koko is 6 months old! woohoo!


The story of the spilt milk…

A story about tears and taking deep breaths.

Give a day.

So I spent the day helping out at a charity shop. It was so much fun! Can you make a difference by giving a day of your time to help others?

The story of the wrong name…

What have you been called in the past? Is there a name that you need to get rid of?

The story of the hairy bum…

So this is what happened on my way to Northumberland.

The story of the ripped card…

Boyfriends, broken hearts and being patient.

Being a girl.

I had a great afternoon chatting with the lovely Emilie, Grace, Lydia and Elizabeth. Thank you girls! I love your thoughts about beauty, opinions on photoshop and ideas on how we can become happier with ourselves just as we are. x

The story of the suitcase…

Let the adventure begin.

Did you know?

Did you know your body is amazing? (I had so much fun filming this for you!)