First world problems

I’ve found myself regularly saying ‘You don’t have enough to worry about’ when my friends are complaining about how it will be 9pm before they get to eat dinner tonight, how someone used the last of the body wash in the shower, or when the the wifi won’t load a video of a cat. You get the idea… I believe we call them first world problems!

I know I’m no better. I get irritated, wound-up, even angry at the most ridiculous things. But no-one needs to be upset or angry about most of the things that end up bothering us, and we definitely don’t need to whine and groan about the little things as often as we do. I’m not saying we’re not allowed to be grumpy, angry or sad and sometimes – rightly so! But when you feel that way, just take a moment to think about what isn’t going wrong in your life and be grateful for that.

‘You don’t have enough to worry about’ is just my way of saying that you’re worrying over small things because you don’t have anything big or serious on your mind. We should be grateful for the little things, the bright sides and the silver linings.

  • You didn’t get your dinner until late at night… that means that you’ll have food today.
  • Your body wash ran out… you have the luxury of hot running water whenever you want it.
  • Your internet is slow… that means you have access to technology that allows you to connect with so many people, ideas and opportunities to help you grow – and so many cat videos!

When you woke up this morning, the sun had risen. When you left the house today, no matter the weather, you had a roof to cover your head whenever you needed it. Someone was kind enough to cook for you, or give you money to fill your belly today – or both! You saw a friendly face or heard a familiar voice today and at the end of it all, you had a bed to snuggle up in.

Share and spread gratitude, and don’t be scared to tell people they don’t have enough to worry about.

By Ellie Bennett

I’m Ellie! I’m a children’s entertainer and face painter
– perfect for my big kid personality.
I’m Yorkshire born and bred and love dance,
theatre, Lego, sweet potato fries and my dogs!

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