Attending an all girls’ school for 7 years meant I was surrounded by the latest updates and analysis of Love Island, Ex on the Beach, and The Bachelor etc., which soon became talk about potential relationships and everything that goes with it.

I remember every year, from the age of 12, becoming so disheartened with having no boys interested in me or in coming no-where close to having a boyfriend. I had an irrational fear of being alone forever and dying with just my pet cats for company!

In our society, there’s pressure for young people to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, which can often lead to us rushing into relationships. Somehow in our single state we feel we’re not enough. We feel we need a boyfriend to have security in ourselves or to feel attractive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re so, so, precious as an individual.

After years of being single and of feeling inadequate, I finally realised that my worth isn’t found in a relationship status, it’s from knowing that I’m wonderfully made and that no boy can add to my value. Singleness isn’t a waiting room for your next relationship or marriage but is such an amazing time in your life. It’s a time where you’re not responsible for anyone and where you’re able to invest in yourself and your friendships, becoming a better version of yourself.

Relationships can be wonderful and really encouraging. However, the wrong relationship can be damaging and hurtful. These situations can’t always be avoided but I just want to encourage anyone longing for a relationship to not rush into anything that isn’t right for them.

The right person will come along at the perfect time who honours you, respects you and build you up. It says in the Bible that God has a plan for your life, and that these plans are good and give us hope for the future (Jeremiah Ch.29:11). We can be expectant and excited for these plans but the season you’re in now is also bursting with life and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

By Hollie Chamberlain

I’m Hollie! I’m 19 and studying
International Development with
Economics at the University of
Bath but am an Essex girl at heart!
I love Jesus, Nandos and outdoor

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