July is for…

A few years ago I was on a train with my mum. We hadn’t seen each other in four weeks so we had loads to catch up on. During the 45 minute train journey we spent every moment sharing stories and news, it was so lovely to finally spend time with her again.

That lovely feeling, however, was about to fly out the train window as a man behind us stood up, walked towards us, pointed at me and aggressively said ‘DO YOU EVER *insert rude word here* SHUT UP?!’.

And, with that, he turned around and walked off the train.


We were so shocked at his outburst because we hadn’t been talking particularly loudly. I suddenly thought we might have been sitting in the quiet coach (where signs ask you to keep the noise down at all times) but, on checking, I discovered that we weren’t.

I began to look around worrying that we’d upset others with our story sharing but on inspecting the faces of the people in our carriage it seemed everyone was oblivious to what had just happened. But my worry didn’t settle there – ‘Why did he get so annoyed at me?’, ‘Am I really that annoying?’, ‘Do other people think the same but never tell me?’. This man’s words really began to play on my mind.

When people are pointing fingers at us and commenting on how we look, how we speak or perhaps the way we do things, we can feel under pressure to conform and change ourselves. But what I’ve realised is that people will always have an opinion about you. Some people will like you, others won’t but some people will want to affect you and bring you down.

-Do people’s opinions of you play on your mind?
-Do you feel the pressure to be someone that you’re not?

Well this month’s challenge is…




We’ve all got our quirky, weird and wondrous ways, let’s accept ourselves as we are and no longer allow the opinions of others to affect and change us.

Yes this is easier said than done, but we all know the saying goes ‘Practise makes perfect’, so this month practise being perfectly you, nothing more, nothing less.

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