Chibok girls, we’ve got your back!

by Claire Rush


We have been so inspired by koko’s ‘I’ve got your back!’ video. Those four words are easy to say when you’re saying them to people that you know and love. But there are many young women across the world that we don’t know who need us to say (really loudly) ‘I’ve got your back!’

Can you imagine what it would be like to be taken away and be separated from your family and your home for nearly a year? Unfortunately this is what 219 young women from Chibok in Nigeria have had to endure. On 14 April, they were kidnapped by terrorists and have remained missing since. Simply gone.

Like me, six of the young women – Esther, Awa, Deborah, Grace, Abigail and Deborah – are members of The Girls’ Brigade, a movement for girls that spans across the world. Over the past few months, the GB family have been saying ‘I’ve got your back!’ Across the UK, over 2,500 people have made a Card of Hope (like the one’s below). By doing so, they’ve chosen to remember these young women and turn up the volume of hope for them.


On Tuesday 17 March, six young women – Anca, Ellie-mai, Kelisha, Lily, Sharon and Obusola – delivered the Cards of Hope to the UK Parliament and the Prime Minister’s home at Number 10 Downing Street.

Below is their photo story of the power of saying ‘I’ve Got Your Back!’:


‘I care about the girls because they’re like me’ – Anca (11) from Birmingham.


We met Baroness Anelay who is a government minister responsible for the UK’s relationship with Nigeria.

‘I think the most important thing Baroness Anelay said was never give up because we need to continue to show how much we care for the missing girls’ – Lily (10) from Reading.


‘For me the important thing is to say that people care and haven’t forgotten about the Chibok girls, and girls getting education, and the evidence of this is the visit I had from the Girls’ Brigade’ – Baroness Anelay.


After we spoke to Baroness Anelay, it was great to have a chance to look around the Houses of Parliament – Kelisha, Zoe and Rachel even had time for a cheeky selfie!


We even got the chance to knock the most famous door in the UK – the home of the UK’s Prime Minister. ‘My highlight of the day was going to Number 10 Downing Street because I hadn’t been there before and we got to deliver the cards of hope’ – Oluwabusola (11) from Croydon.


Our hope is that the UK government will listen to our voices and do all they can to help these young women return home.

‘It’s important that we never give up on the Chibok girls. We need to continue to show how much we care for these girls’ – Lily (10) from Reading.

Girls of Chibok, we’ve got your back!

Inspired these girls? Join them in spreading hope for the Chibok girls by making a Card of Hope. After you’ve downloaded the template here, you can choose a name here. Once you’ve created your card, send it to The Girls’ Brigade England & Wales, Cliff College, Calver, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 3XG.

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