March is for…


On Monday I had 637 words (I used word count) constantly running through my head.

I was filming a new rhyme up in Manchester and my mind was not only racing with words, but also with worries; would I remember the script in the right order? Would filming run smoothly? Would the weather be ok? Would I get to the shoot on time?

As I drove through Manchester to get to a meeting about the film I came to a stop at some traffic lights. I was sat waiting, and worrying that I’d be late for the meeting, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a clock on the side of a beautiful old church.


I read the letters around the clock as ‘NGTIMEISFLYI’ and I was like… ‘huh? What does that mean?’

And then I suddenly realised it actually said ‘TIME IS FLYING’.

In that moment I stopped reciting the 637 words of my script but instead thought of just these three.

The reason is this: I’m a bit of a worrier, ok so my family would probably say I’m more than a bit of a worrier. I worried all through school; I worried about my exams, about whether I would get into college and then I was worried about what I would do after college. I thought by now it would have changed, it hasn’t – the last time I spoke on stage I got myself so worried that I ended up being very sick afterwards. Not cool. Looking back I totally missed the fun of that event because I was so focused on my fear.

When I look through my diary and see some of the things I have to do this year I shudder with nerves and worry. There have been so many days that I’ve just wanted to hide away because I’ve been worried about facing the camera or the stage or the people.

But I owe a huge thank you to the person who chose to put those letters around that clock face, because they’ve been a bit of a wake up call.

Time is flying and by being constantly worried about what’s next I’m missing the enjoyment of the now.

I’ve spent far too much of my time being worried and doubting my abilities, and things have to change. Funnily enough, as I typed this blog I accidentally wrote warrior instead of worrier. So I’ve decided I want to be a warrior rather than a worrier – I want to be brave and conquer this constant need to worry. It’s not healthy and it certainly doesn’t make me happy. I want to face my fears one day at a time rather than looking ahead worried about what may or may not happen.

Are you a worrier? If so, I want to challenge you to become like a warrior, practise being brave and try to conquer your worries.

Don’t waste your time any longer worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow but instead make the most of your time by enjoying the moment of today.

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