40 days of living generously

Logo-2-white-on-redIt gets to this time each year when I think…

‘Ooh Lent begins today! Should I give something up?’ My mind races with different options – ‘Coffee? Facebook? Chocolate? No I did that last year. Clothes shopping?’

Then usually I come to this conclusion:

‘I don’t really understand why giving up chocolate or Facebook would be of any help to me or anyone else.’

So usually, I don’t.

But this year, well, this one’s different. My friends and I have given it some thought and we’ve decided to jump on the amazing bandwagon that is 40acts.

If you haven’t heard of 40acts, the campaign challenges people to do Lent differently. So, instead of just giving something up, participants are encouraged to give something out to those around them. Sounds great right?

Each day we’ll be challenged with a simple act like saying thank you, talking to strangers, sharing a skill, forgiving people and sending anonymous gifts.

We absolutely love the fact that the campaign hopes to make living generously a daily habit.

So, we’re going to rise to the challenge that we’re given each day by 40acts and let you know what we’ve been up to!

We’d love you to join us and do Lent differently, if you’re up for it, you can sign up here:


I’m excited that today is day 1 and it’s called ‘Starting line’. I’ll let you know later how I’ve got on with the first challenge – let’s do this!

Love Meg xx

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