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DILIGENTfinWell, we’ve had a whole year of these blogs; 2014 has gone so fast! I don’t know whether this year has been a really good one for you or whether it’s been a tough one. But let’s remind ourselves of some of the things we’ve been learning about. (Have a read if you missed any throughout the year.)

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I’ve thrown a lot of challenges at you this year, and I’ve got one final challenge for you in December… here goes, are you ready?

Be diligent.

There. That’s it! Ok, so you might be wondering what the heck ‘diligent’ means, let’s take a look.

Diligent is one of my favourite words, the reason why I love it is because of its definition: ‘Careful and persistent work or effort.’

How can we be diligent?
The vast majority of questions I receive on koko are about friendships. It can be so hard making friends and sometimes it can be even harder keeping them.

So, what does being diligent look like in our friendships?

I think it looks like being careful in what we say, it means paying attention to our friends’ needs and feelings. Being diligent looks like continuing to work hard at mending a friendship when actually you might want to give up on someone. Being diligent is making an effort to ensure your friends are feeling supported and encouraged. It’s asking things like ‘How are you?’ or ‘Can I help?’ and sometimes being diligent is bravely saying ‘I’m sorry.’

Being diligent in a friendship is listening. Take time to really hear what your friends are saying. Diligence is seeing the best in your friends – we all have good points and bad points. It’s very easy to see the things in people we don’t like, but being diligent is making an effort to look for the best.

Maybe that really does sound like a challenge? But, you know, being diligent is a decision, one that I’d encourage you to start today. Be aware of the people around you, especially the ones that perhaps need a little bit more support and kindness.

Diligence is carefully persevering, step by step, working hard to be best you can be.

In December can you work hard to be careful in the way you speak to your parents?

Can you work harder in your efforts at school or college right up until the end of term?

Are there friendships that you need to carefully mend by saying sorry?

Can you make a real effort to treat your brother or sister kindly?

As you say goodbye to 2014 and move into a new year I want to set you one final challenge – be full of care, and persistent in your efforts and work.

Will you join me?


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