I sat at my computer the other day with Twitter open in front of me. My fingers were poised over the keys and stayed that way for some time.

I couldn’t think of what to say.

And then I realised that actually I didn’t have to say anything!

Do you ever try to think of something interesting to put on Twitter or Facebook? Sometimes I sit there and just can’t think of anything exciting, clever, funny or interesting to say. In my head I’m thinking, I wish I could be like @someone who is hilarious or I wish my tweets were as interesting as @someoneelse. I often look at other peoples tweets and think ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’

Sometimes being on Twitter and Facebook can feel like one big giant competition. I feel like so often they’re just one big platform for people to boast from; boasting about things that they’ve bought or places they’ve been.

I didn’t really realise I was doing it until I looked back at my tweets from previous years – tweeting about how I was in a recording studio or how I was on tour in the states or cuddling baby lions in South Africa. When I met Dougie from Mcfly at a party, I put it on Twitter because, in all honesty, I wanted people to be impressed.

I know at the time I was putting these things on Facebook because I wanted people to think ‘wow’. I wanted people to notice me and be interested in what I was doing. I put these things online for one reason – to feel important.

So often something will happen now like ‘I booked my holiday’ and I’ll feel drawn to Facebook to tell everyone. I have to stop myself from doing it. It’s boasting and it’s not a good look.

But why? Why do I feel a need to tell everyone what is going on? Because with each person that likes our status, or retweets our tweet we feel built up… almost like we’re worth something, like someone is taking notice. We’ve got caught up in a culture where we flash what we have. I was pretty shocked the other day when I bought some wellies on Amazon and there was an option to share my purchase on Facebook!

Slowly I’ve got into the habit of checking what I’m uploading. I love this acrostic:

T: Is it true?
H: Is it helpful?
I: Does it inspire others?
N: Is it necessary?
K: Is it kind?

Just be careful with what you put online and think before you tweet.

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