November is for…


It’s such a beautiful day today that I’ve wandered down to my local park. The sun’s beaming down on me and the birds are singing away. I’m quite tempted to do some sort of Disney-esque dance and song through the park, but I’m resisting the urge… just.

I’ve just noticed a little girl with her mum two benches away from  me.  She’s been running around the edge of the park all the way to her mum and when she reaches her, all huffing and puffing, her mum says ‘WELL DONE! That was only 11 seconds!’

She gets up, does a cute little shake to brush the leaves off her dress and starts running again. She absolutely loves it, you can tell. She’s giggling as she runs all the way back, until she falls into her mum’s arms and is swallowed up by a big cuddle. ‘Nine seconds!’ laughs her mum. ‘Well done, you’re getting better! You’re so good at running!’

What I’ve realised is that the more this little girl gets encouragement, the more she wants to run, faster and faster. It’s made me wonder, how many of us girls are encouraged to try harder and go further?

Many of us won’t have had encouragement from our family with cuddles and ‘well dones’.

Many of us doubt our abilities and just don’t feel good enough.

But this beautiful little girl has reminded me that we all have a race to run. A race that’s different to everyone else’s, where we can always try our best to get better. Better in our friendships. Trying to be a better sister, daughter, student…

It’s pretty true that life does sometimes feel like a marathon, with more than a few hurdles in there to challenge us. But run the race marked out for you. Don’t try to run anyone else’s race.

Keep on keeping on.

And if, like that little girl, you take a tumble and trip up, remember the words of that mum:

‘It’s ok, don’t give up, just try again!’

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