October is for…


This month I want you all to eat omelettes.

…ok, I’m just kidding.

So my family has eight lovely chickens:


They’re pretty cool and give us lots of eggs each day. Ever since we got the chickens I’ve thought I’d like to cook with the lovely fresh eggs, but I’m always reminded of watching my mum making omelettes when I was little. I remember seeing her moving the egg around the pan and it all looked very tricky. I think it was then that I decided making omelettes would be one dish I’d definitely avoid in the future.

But the other day I looked at this enormous pile of eggs mounting up and thought… ‘It’s time… to face… the omlettte.’

So asking my friends and family for their expertise, tips and techniques I embarked on a mission to make my first ever omelette, something which I once imagined impossible.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I can now provide you with photographic evidence of the final product!

IMG_4162 copyI did it! I made an omelette with cheese and chorizo! And it tasted ah-may-zing. Thank you chickens.

Ok, why am I telling you this? (Good question).

Well because ever since starting koko in January I’ve had nine months of trying lots of new things, making omelettes being just one of them! Some have been fun, some have been ridiculously nerve-wracking, all have been challenging.

I’ve been learning to blog and make vlogs, I’ve been learning the ukulele, I’ve been writing rhymes for magazines, learning about working with charities, and my biggest challenge has been standing on stages and learning to present to lots of people (scary).

It’s been a crazy nine months… some things have gone well, other things I’ve failed at – but that’s to be expected when you’re trying new things. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot but, more than that, I feel like I’ve conquered a few fears too.

So, my challenge to you is to try something new in October. It might be as simple as making your first omelette, but there might be something deep down that you’ve always wanted to try or learn or do. What I really wanted to say is go for it. Why don’t you start today? Practise, practise, practise and have fun.

I’d really love to know if you’re going to start, or learn, something new – if you are get in touch!


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