It’s raining, it’s pouring…

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I’m sitting in my car called ‘Poddington’, down on the seafront. It’s a REALLY chilly, dull, grey day.

The rain has just started to patter onto my window, I was going to get out and go for a walk but I’m seriously worried that I’ll get blown away – the wind is insane!

I’ve decided to stay in my warm car with my yummy coffee and do some serious multi-tasking – people watch (one of my favourite past times) and write to you! (Also one of my most favourite past times.)

I’m watching the sea wall, the tide is so high that it keeps crashing over the top and absolutely soaking unsuspecting passersby. The shock on their faces as they get drenched by freezing seawater is making me half giggle/half feel like I should go and buy some towels for them all.

There’s a girl getting dragged along by her huge dog (which looks more like a small horse), her arm looks like it’s about to be pulled right out of it’s socket – it can’t be good for her.

The rain is getting heavier and starting to hammer down, I’ve just seen a very cute old couple battling through the wind and pouring rain together. They’re holding hands and cuddling under an umbrella – aww. They’re laughing to each other as they try to avoid the swimming pool-sized puddles. They look like they’re having so much fun.

I can see a little wooden boat with a red sail being thrown about, waves crashing over it. It’s dipping and rolling, almost going under the waves completely.

I’ve had to put my windscreen wipers on so I can see out of my window. It’s like a storm out there. All these things I can see from my car window remind me of life.

I don’t know where you’d say you are… are you warm and dry? Quite comfortable, like me in the car? Are you like that girl, being dragged along by people and perhaps doing things that aren’t good for you.

Maybe you feel like that little wooden boat, being battered, thrown around, unsure of which way is up.

Do you feel like one of those unsuspecting people, you’ve suddenly been drenched – out of the blue something has happened that you weren’t expecting.

Although I’m warm and dry in my car, quite comfortable, I know who I would like to be. I’d like to be that old couple. They are prepared, with their rain coats and umbrellas, they’re helping each other along, laughing as they go.

It makes me think about the fact that life is about getting out there, not just staying in the warm where you’re comfortable. Take risks, be prepared, be brave. When it feels like life is a bit stormy be like that lovely old couple – hold onto God and the ones that you love, and together you can try to avoid life’s puddles.

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