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augisforThe other day I was out for dinner with about 30 people I’d only just met when we started talking about musicals. I was split seconds from saying that my ultimate all-time favourite musical is The Lion King when the lady opposite me piped up with ‘My worst musical is The Lion King, I hate it.’

There was this moment.

A sort of slow motion conversation with myself that ran through my self-conscious brain. It went something like this…

 ‘Well you can’t say that you love The Lion King now can you!
…hang on, why can’t I?
Well because she’ll think you’re weird.
Yeah, but it’ll be awkward if you say anything, you’ve just met her, don’t cause a scene.
Wait. My opinion is just as valid as hers. I shouldn’t be quiet just to fit in.
Say it Meg!

And then two words settled in my mind that blew this whole conversation with myself away.

Scan copy





And so I said it.

‘Oh really? I LOVE The Lion King, I think the whole production, the music, everything is just amazing.’
(Inside I was cheering myself, Woo! Go Meg! You said it!).

I’ve looked up the word ‘authentic’ and here’s what it means:

au·then·tic adjective
1. Definition: not false or copied; genuine; real.

Well I certainly know I’ve tried to copy people before (remember that blog about me copying my friend Sarah?) and I’ve mentioned before that I often worry what other people think of me. You know, whether I’m too loud or too dramatic, or not clever enough or whether what I’m saying is of any interest to anyone else.

I think I find it hard to be authentic; to be genuine and real because I worry that if I am, people won’t like it. I’m definitely getting there though, I’m trying hard to simply be me in all circumstances and situations.

I don’t know whether you’re the sort of person who doubts yourself, compares yourself or puts yourself down? Well here’s a challenge for you…

This month, try to be authentic. Be genuine and real.

What does being authentic look like? Well if it means being entirely, completely 100% you, then here’s a few ideas…

authentic posterfin

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