I’m dropping shopping!

lyds copyby Lydia Richards

In the final few weeks of my first year at uni I found myself praying a prayer which made me laugh out loud – ‘Lord Jesus, thank you for my overdraft.’ Dealing with the woes of rent, bills and buying my own food had taught me a hard lesson; I’m not the best manager of my own money. I also came to realise that I am, in fact, a great indulger in retail therapy. The combination of both of these had, unfortunately, left me with a wardrobe overflowing and a bank account… rather the opposite.

After having a conversation with a friend of mine I started to think about where my clothes were coming from. You hear so many stories about sweatshops; forced labour; slavery; but it’s so easy to ignore them or brush them off when you’re walking through a store filled with beautiful material, because it doesn’t seem real. But, having this past year as an eye opener to my own vices, I decided to challenge myself. I couldn’t shake the thought that, being a person so passionate about justice in my mind and in my heart, I needed to become passionate about it through my actions. Otherwise… what’s the point?

Sponsoring a child is something that I’ve always loved the idea of, but then said to myself ‘I don’t think I have enough money for that…’ or ‘I’m not sure I could keep that up…’. From September I’ve decided to stop making excuses. I’m going to give up clothes shopping for one year, and instead sponsor a child. This way I’m doing my little bit to aid the fight for justice and hopefully save a lot of money at the same time. It’s going to be challenging – I love clothes, I love shopping – but I can’t wait to see the results, not only in me, but in the child that I’m investing in!

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