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I was on my way home from Oxford to Essex at about 10pm the other day.

I was driving down a dark country lane when I turned left and was faced with a big red sign saying ‘BLOCKED ROAD – follow diversion.’ I started to panic a little because it was really late, and I didn’t really know where I was going. So I began to follow the yellow diversion signs, left and left and right and then left until they disappeared.

I was all alone on this dark country road with no idea how to get home. So with a racing heart and, ok I admit it, tears rolling down my cheeks, I pulled over and called a friend.

The conversation went something like this…

‘I’m lost on my way home from Oxford! *sniff*’

‘Ok well where have you been? What have you seen as you’ve been driving along?’

‘I’ve seen a pub called The Fat Fox, a primary school and I’ve just crossed over a river on an old bridge’

‘Right and what can you see now?’

‘Erm, a field, lots of trees, the sky and two little roundabouts ahead’

‘Great, and where do you need to get to?’

‘I really want to get to the M25, once I’m there I’ll be ok’

‘I think I know roughly where you are! Put me on hands free and I’ll try to direct you.’

So I drove and constantly told him what I was seeing – a postbox, a row of old houses, a police station… and after about half an hour he guided me to the M25! Hooray! I was on my way home.

Is there somewhere in life that you want to get to? Something you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how to get there?

Well if your answer is yes then I think those questions that my friend asked me can be of some help to you too…

Where have you been?

e.g. done well at school; have been hurt and let down; part of a big family; suffered from depression; lonely; bullied.

Where are you now?

e.g. hopeful; exams coming up; negative; still lonely; fearful; ill.

Where do you think you’re meant to go?

e.g. become happier; go to uni; have a better group of friends; be more confident; kick depression.

Sometimes I think it’s really great to sit and chew over these questions. However cheesy it may sound, we’re all on a journey through life aren’t we? And there’s always things we can get better at and goals we can aim for.

Everyone is on a different journey. We’ve all been brought up differently, experienced different things and are heading in different directions.

I’m on a journey with God, spending time with Him and trying to become more of who He wants me to be. It’s an incredible journey, as I’m learning to be braver and more confident… but it’s not always been that way:           


It’s been a long old road but, when I look back, I can see that I’ve grown. All those things from ‘where I’ve been’ haven’t held me back. I’ve plodded onward, on the journey to become happier, more confident and more secure. I’m not there yet, but I’m definitely on my way.

Where are you heading? What can you see? Where are you really at, deep down? (only you know this)

Don’t let the fear of not knowing what’s next in life stop you. Keep seeking to become happier, keep moving forward towards your goal, but most of all, don’t let the things of the past stop you from growing and developing into who you were created to be.

 Keep on keeping on.

…and remember, don’t travel alone, include others in that journey of yours.

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