May is for…


Two of my lovely friends, Grace and Hannah, have been away in Uganda and Thailand recently teaching English, working in a slum, and supporting refugees.

I think they’re totally amazing for being so brave and travelling so far to help other people. Deep down, even though I was so excited for their new adventures, it made me wonder whether I was really making a difference here in little old Essex… I told them ‘I could never be that brave, I could never do that.’

After they left, koko launched. I started writing blogs, and uploading some videos. Within a few weeks I received this message.

‘Your posts have really helped me.’

Such a simple sentence but one of the most encouraging messages I’ve received. These few words have made me realise that we can all make a difference where we are.

I’m no highly-qualified, super-educated blog extraordinaire, Hollywood film maker or counsellor. I’m not Grace, I’m not Hannah. I’m Meg. My adventure is not away in Uganda or Thailand, it’s here with you girls. I want this thing ‘koko’ to be a place where we’re encouraged, where we begin to see the good in ourselves and where we throw off the negativity we so often cling to. This is my adventure.

We’ve really got to stop comparing ourselves with each other. Not just comparing the way we look, but comparing who we are – our personalities and what we’re good at. I do it far too often. You have skills and talents (some of which you might not have even discovered yet!) that you can use to make a difference to the people around you.

I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘Me? I don’t know how to make a difference.’

Well here’s a few simple ideas… (you really don’t have to go to Uganda or Thailand, although you can if you want to. Tee hee!)

  • Look out for the person at school who’s being left out or looks lonely.
  • Be kind to your parents, they have feelings too!
  • Have a clear out of your wardrobe and take it to your local charity shop.
  • Offer to babysit for someone you know.
  • Encourage your favourite teacher by telling them how great they are.
  • Be kind(er) to your brother or sister.
  • Offer to help your elderly neighbour.

If this month we all decided to make more of a difference, can you IMAGINE what a happy month it would be?

So, #makeadifferenceinMay and never stop doing good.

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