May you blossom

mayyoublossomI’m sitting on a bench by the sea, and I just had to write to you. Above me is a beautiful blossom tree. As I write, little bits of blossom are falling off and surrounding me… by the time I finish writing this, I’m going to be covered.

The word ‘blossom’ has really been on my mind recently. Every time I see these trees, I’ve been thinking about us girls. Why? Because I see something that is absolutely beautiful and is growing each day. Each tree is a different shape and a different colour – with pinks, reds, yellows and creams. They remind me of us, each one completely unique in our own way.

All through the winter these trees have been bare, stripped back, lifeless with no colour. But today they line the streets, filling our towns with colour and beauty.

These trees remind me that seasons change, just like life. Some days you can feel colourless, almost lifeless like a tree in winter. But remember, this will pass. As I sit beneath this canopy of pink and look out towards the sea, I want to say this to you…

Like a tree, may you blossom.
May you discover and embrace your uniqueness.
May you bring colour and beauty to your town.
May your roots go down deep so that you can stand tall, unshaken.
And may this continue day after day,
Month after month,
Season after season
May you grow into more of who you’re meant to be.



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