Because I am a girl…

by Claire Rush



I love being a girl. Guys are great… but I wouldn’t change being a girl and so would you. After koko posted a question earlier in the week, you told us all the AMAZING things that you love about being a girl. You love the incredible choices of clothes (and shoes), that you can paint your nails bright colours and you have the opportunity to give birth to a new life (deep stuff)!

But we know that there is some rubbish stuff too – in fact, some of you even struggled to think of anything ‘good’. Unfortunately in some parts of the world, it can be tough and even dangerous to be a girl.

I am more likely to not be able to read and write because I am a girl.

65 million girls are missing from classrooms across the world – yes, 65 million.

Because I am a girl, my wedding will probably not be the happiest day of my life.

Every three seconds, another girl is forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to.

I am more likely to be missing from the face of the earth because I am a girl.

Around 113 to 200 million girls and women are simply missing across the world due to violence, trafficking, neglect or because they have never even been given the chance to be born.

This is difficult stuff, but a reality. How does it make you feel?

It makes me sad. It upsets me. Then it makes me angry.

Most of all, these statistics make me passionate; passionate to remember that they’re not just numbers, they represent amazing individual girls. It motivates me to want to change the world I live in and help shape it to be a place that values boys and girls equally.

Today is International Women’s Day; a time to celebrate our own value and potential as girls! I’d love you to get involved too.

  1. Why don’t you learn more about what it’s like to be girl around the world? Plan’s Because I Am a Girl is a great website and you could download the inspiring Girl Rising movie on iTunes.
  2. Do you have some free time? You could get involved with some projects in your local community or globally. Remember that you have a voice – and it’s powerful. You could speak with a generation of hurt, silenced, forgotten and neglected women… and bring transformation.
  3. Let’s just celebrate being girls and enjoy it. Do you know that you are significant? There is no one on earth like you. You are unique. Imagine what would happen if you and I REALLY believed that. We would be dangerous (in a good way)!

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day together. Let’s believe that being a girl is powerful, amazing and incredible… because the world needs to see that it really is.

Love Claire

I’m from ‘Norn Iron’ and I have a dog called
Benny Buster Benasti Bentley Rush – yes really!
I love travelling, books, movies, DVD box-sets,
swimming and shaping the culture which surrounds me.

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