Smiling really is infectious.

rlatOk, I’m going to tell you a secret… I love to people watch. I know it’s odd but something I LOVE to do is go to a coffee shop, get a yummy iced latte and watch people wander past the coffee shop window. In fact, I’m doing it right now. As everyone walks past, I love playing this game where I work out what animals they’d be.

There are all sorts of people that pass my window; I see super posh people off to the office with their briefcases, I see yummy mummies, there’s always lots of joggers, people on their mobiles, I see grandparents and couples hand in hand. However, one thing I’ve noticed during my people watching days is just how miserable everyone looks.

So, it’s a lovely day in the heart of Essex but today, as I sipped my coffee, something unexpected happened…  I saw my favourite person to walk past the window for weeks…

It was an old lady who was clearly struggling to walk in her old age, as she hobbled along in the sunshine with all her bags, she lifted her head as she passed a girl of about 17. The old lady preceded to give the young girl a beaming smile (the sort where you can’t help but smile back). The girl gave a big smile in return but as she did I saw her catch the eye of a 50 something year old woman – who also caught this smile revolution!

All three women walked away smiling. I feel like giving them all a roaring standing ovation – but I can’t, I’m in a coffee shop.

I love that old lady.

I wish more people would smile… not only does it make people watching a happier experience for me, but it really is catching.

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