February is for…


This is me and my friend Sarah…


We became friends at church when we were 11. I thought she was SO cool – she had this long, glossy straight hair and mine was really curly. I decided I wanted straight hair like Sarah’s.

I didn’t own any straighteners, so I thought if I brushed it and brushed it, it would eventually go straight. It didn’t. I ended up looking like a poodle.

Sarah had glasses so I became determined to get them too. I convinced my mum to take me to the opticians and when I was told that my eyes were absolutely fine I was gutted.

Sarah also had a brace with these really cool pink-coloured bands. I was annoyed when the dentist told me that my teeth were straight and I didn’t need one. My next aim was to have writing like Sarah’s, it was all swirly and curly. I practised and practised but it never looked the same. I desperately wanted to be like Sarah but no matter how hard I tried, I had to admit it… I was nothing like her.

A few years ago, I told her all of this and I was surprised when she laughed her head off. She said ‘Did you not realise that I wanted curly hair? I hated my glasses! And I wished that I didn’t have to have a brace!’ We had a really long chat and talked about how insanely different we are.

Sarah has taught me a lot about friendship…

She’s helped to build my confidence over the years and made me appreciate what makes me me. She always shows an interest in what I’m doing, and it makes me feel loved and valued when she asks about how my week has been. She spends ages listening to me as I pour my heart out over coffee when I’ve had a rubbish day. She tells me that I encourage her to try things she’s never done before and take her on adventures.

What we’ve realised is that even though we’re completely different, we bring out the best in each other… and that, I think, is the sign of one great friendship. But what happens when friendships aren’t going great? Sarah and I have had our difficult times and I’ve actually heard that quite a few of you are finding it hard with some of your friends at the moment. So I’ve been having a bit of a think and have chatted to a few different people; if you really want your friendships to get stronger then here’s a few little suggestions that we think might help…



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