The best things in life.

A little while ago I was chatting to a few of you girls about wanting ‘stuff’. I asked you what it is that everyone wants at the moment and here’s what you said…

An iPad, Louboutins, tickets to festivals, a car, expensive make-up and then one of you said this:

‘Girls want anything that will make them look rich’ 

and that comment has totally stuck with me.

I really think we live in a world that tells us to BUY MORE! WANT MORE! and HAVE MORE! I was reading The Guardian the other day and it said ‘In an entire day we’re likely to see 3,500 marketing messages’. Woah! 3,500! Each one bombarding us with suggestions and fueling our desire to ‘want’.

But I absolutely love this quote…


You know like, a beautiful sunset, cuddles with a baby, laughing till your sides hurt… none of these cost loads of money but I really do believe they’re the best things in life.

I’ve decided, I want to pay more attention to the world around me and to look out for the simpler things. So watch out once a week as I share my ‘best things in life’.

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