let the adventure begin

Oh my gosh – you’re here, on koko! I’ve been looking forward to this day for SO long.

If you’re wondering what koko is all about, then take a look at the let the adventure begin film, it tells you everything.

I didn’t mention it in the film but a little while ago I travelled around the UK and met with loads of you girls at festivals, youth groups and in coffee shops. I had such a laugh getting to know you all, and actually you made me realise that we all questions…

As we got chatting you asked me all sorts of things like:

My parents argue all the time and it upsets me, do you have any advice?
What do I do if my boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex?
My friend is being really horrible, what should I say?
I cry all the time and nothing makes me feel happy. What should I do?

Literally, we all have SO many questions. Me included!

And I just thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place to talk about all this stuff? And from all this, koko was born – a place for us girls to stick together and find out more about things that matters to us.

So I hereby invite you to get involved! I’d love you to be a part of this… if there’s a video you’d like me to make, let me know! If you see something that you think should be on koko, send it to me! If you have a question, email me.

So follow koko on Twitter, like the Facebook page and please make sure you say hello!

I’m just so excited because this adventure is just beginning and I can’t wait to meet more of you girls along the way.

Lots of love,

Meg xx

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